Tapes ‘n Tapes @ the Troubadour

it’s quite funny how my friends’ opinions mean so much to me. i try to pretend that i’m self confident and that i don’t really care what others think. yet last night, i spent the majority of my night worried if my friends, henry and kim, were having a good time at the troubadour. you see i really value henry’s musical taste and appreciation of music and i was afraid of what he might think of me if he didn’t like the music or the show of tapes ‘n tapes. to complicate the matters, kim and i have only hung out a couple of times and i worried what her impression of me would be at the end of the night.

music is one of those things that speaks about you in ways your own words can’t at times. a person’s musical taste says more about them to me than any e-harmony profile test ever will. and the show last night…well it was my idea. one in which i invited henry and kim. and for the first hour of the show i thought maybe i lost any solidarity i had with henry on the musical front. while tapes ‘n tapes put on a good show, the energy from the crowd was low at best—and i was hoping for much more. granted there was one short guy in a dodgers cap singing along and flailing his arms about—but the rest of the folks were just kind of there. the intimacy of the troubadour put us close to the stage but there wasn’t much closeness shared with the band or the music for me and i worried that for kim and henry this thursday night was squandered.

tapes \'n tapesi stopped worrying what they would think when i realized that my “newness” to the band was my alibi if they hated it. they couldn’t hold me accountable because i’m just as innocent as them—i just bought “walk it off” several weeks ago and according to my itunes playcount i’ve only listened to the album 7 times (though that doesn’t take into consideration my ipod plays). but it wasn’t until the ride home that i fully realized how naive i had been by worrying. the night wouldn’t have been wasted no matter who was playing or what the crowd was like because i was able to spend my night in the company of two great people who liked music and put up with me. and those two realizations affirmed that the night couldn’t have been any better.

Check out Tapes ‘N Tapes. Listen to the song Hang Them All.

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