A Night in the Park

There is a great park in Pasadena called Memorial Park. It’s a train stop off the gold line and as you emerge from the underground tunnel into Old Town the park is right there. It’s usually quiet but there is a pavilion, ripe for opportunity to interact with the community. Last night in the park there was a benefit show to raise awareness on Human Sex Trafficking. I have the honor to have roommates that work for an organization, The Sold Project , that helps raise awareness of child prostitution in Thailand.

The night was fantastic because there was a large amount of people gathered to talk about the problem, engage in conversation, and there was quite a bit of music being played for the ears of the community. The songs were various, some covers while others were explorations of the soul. I loved it. I love the thought of people expressing themselves through song, in the middle of a city that rushes by, next to a metro stop station, ripe for opportunity. We have the ability to choose our own adventure. We have the chance to expand the way we live our lives with eyes wide open rather than mouths shut and robots consuming rather than interacting.

The music was local. It was not over produced but it was people sharing their life stories in a way to help others have some sort of life that is not filled with oppression but offers life that can be innocent and pure.

1 Response to “A Night in the Park”

  1. 1 Dan April 21, 2008 at 6:10 pm

    Thanks for the killer shout out. We love you back.. long time.

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